Visible Mending

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Visible Mending


When: Saturday, May 11, 11:00 - 1:00 pm

Join the movement to make clothing last longer and make a statement with your clothing and accessories. Learn to make your mending beautiful with striking colors, fabrics, and visible decorative embroidery stitches. Add new life to old clothes in just a couple hours with this fun workshop. We will use sashiko embroidery (which means little stabs) and boro (layering fabrics to patch a larger piece), traditional Japanese techniques, originally used by farmers and fishermen to reinforce and patch worn or damaged clothing. 

What You Will Learn: Basic sashiko embroidery stitches, mending techniques, hand sewing, cutting, measuring, and techniques to make mending last.

Materials: Bring a pair of jeans, or woven fabric garment in need of repair (NOT knits such as a t-shirt or sweater).  All mending fabric, thread, needles, and tools will be supplied for use during the workshop.  Take home your garments with updated styling and mending.  Nothing to mend? It's ok. You can practice techniques with fabric available at the studio.

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Registration and Payment:    All workshops and classes must be registered for and paid for in advance of the sessions.  

Cancellation Policy: We do not offer refunds for missed classes.  This is because we purchase and prepare materials, hire instructors, and put effort into making the class happen once you register.  If you cannot attend a workshop after registering, you are welcome to transfer your spot to a friend. Otherwise, please notify the studio within 72 hours of the event start to receive studio credit for an alternative workshop.

If the studio cancels a workshop you will be offered a full refund or studio credit, your choice.