Learn To Use Your Serger


Learn To Use Your Serger


So you know how to sew, and you’ve stepped it up and bought a serger (or inherited one. Now what do you do?  If your serger hasn’t been out of the box, has been stuck gathering dust in a corner or closet, or you just aren’t sure where to begin, this class is for you. Lifelong sewist and sewing instructor, Alison Hirsch, will teach you all the ins and outs of using your serger so you can go home and love using it for every project.

You will learn how to thread it, what a correct serger stitch looks like and how to adjust your serger to sew the perfect stitch. In addition, you will learn that a serger is not just for finishing seams, but can make your sewing life so much easier (and faster) in so many ways.

Plan to become acquainted with your new best sewing friend.

When: Friday, June 29, 6:30 - 8:30

Please Bring the Following to Class:

- Your serger with foot controller (pedal) and power cord

- The manual that came with your serger

- Needles, as specified in your manual

- Thread, one cone to match each colored thread path on your serger (ex. Red, yellow, green and blue)

- All the accessories that were included with your serger, especially the tweezers.

- Reading glasses (if you need them)

- Camera or phone with camera (pictures help you remember the details)

We’ll provide paper, pen, scissors, and fabric to work with. Bring ALL your questions and Alison will have you on the road to loving your serger.

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Registration and Payment:    All workshops and classes must be registered for and paid for in advance of the sessions.  

Cancellation Policy: If you cannot attend a workshop after registering, you are welcome to transfer your spot to a friend. Otherwise, please notify the studio within 72 hours of the event start to receive studio credit for an alternative workshop. If the studio cancels a workshop you will be offered a full refund or studio credit, your choice.