Knitting 201: What to Learn After the Basics

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knitting 201 (2).png

Knitting 201: What to Learn After the Basics


When: Saturday, January 19, 11 am - 1 pm

So you know the basics of knitting, but you still don’t feel like you really know what you’re doing? If you know how to knit and purl, you can do a cast-on or two, and a basic bind-off, but feel like you need a little help to move forward in your skills, this workshop is for you.

Bring your questions and we’ll walk through as much as we can cover. Topics we will cover include learning how to read your knitting, how to tell if you dropped a stitch, how to fix it, how to tell if you added a stitch, which side is the right side, where you left off in a pattern, how to read a pattern, how to work different increases and decreases, how to add a stripe or change colors, how to pick up stitches. You’ll leave this workshop with tons of new knowledge that will open up so many knitting possibilities for you.

Bring your own yarn and needles, current projects, patterns or projects you need help starting, etc. Need some yarn or supplies? Get 10% off your purchases on class day!

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