Holiday Embroidery Workshop

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Holiday Embroidery Workshop


When: Saturday, December 15, 3 - 5 pm

Embroidery has been making a very modern comeback with so many new patterns, kits and ways to add little hints of handmade to your life. And it’s easy and relaxing. I consider it to be like drawing with thread! With just a few basic stitches you can make colorful works of art for your wall, or sew them into other projects, embellish your clothes, and more. You can even use it to express your political views with clever statements, subversive messages, or blatant exclamations, with a dose of pretty flowers thrown in to make the message polite.

In this holiday edition of our workshop, we’ll have options for one larger pattern or a few small patterns for smaller hoops (think ornaments). You'll learn several of the most common stitches that will allow you to easily complete most beginner to intermediate embroidery projects (including back stitch, satin stitch, french knot, and running stitch). You’ll leave with one project finished, or close to finished and have the skills to knock a few last minute gifts.

What You Will Learn: Introductory embroidery stitches, transferring a pattern to your fabric, using an embroidery hoop, attaching fabric to hoop, and troubleshooting tips.

Materials: All materials are provided for use in workshop, including embroidery hoop, embroidery needle, embroidery thread, fabric, and two original embroidery designs. Take home your finished design (or strands of floss needed to finish), one hoop, one needle, stitch guide, and one design to use at home.

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Cancellation Policy: We do not offer refunds for missed classes.  This is because we purchase and prepare materials, hire instructors, and put effort into making the class happen once you register.  If you cannot attend a workshop after registering, you are welcome to transfer your spot to a friend. Otherwise, please notify the studio within 72 hours of the event start to receive studio credit for an alternative workshop.

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