Registration and Payment:    All workshops and classes must be registered for and paid for in advance of the sessions.  

Safety:    It is a good idea to wear closed toe shoes for several of the workshops, to avoid injuring a toe if a cutting tool is accidentally dropped from a work table.  Some workshops will include paints, stains, and other art chemicals, which may bother sensitive students and/or stain skin temporarily and clothes more permanently.  Additionally, we will use needles, scissors, rotary cutters, craft blades, hammers and various other implements of destruction.

Social Media:  Participation in and/or attendance at classes, workshops and events with Studio How-To implies permission to be captured in photos to be used for social media presentation.  Any opt-out of this policy, must be communicated to Studio How-To in writing prior to start of the event.

Original art work, designs, patterns:   The artistic work, designs, methods, and patterns shared and taught during any class, workshop or event are the express property of the individual, instructor, artist presenting and must not be copied, sold, or shared without express written permission from the instructor.  The original artistic creations of the students in any class, workshop, or event are the sole property of the student that created the work, and shall not be copied, sold, or used beyond sharing images on social media without permission from student.

Liability Waiver:  By registering for any workshop, class, or event, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Studio How-To LLC, its managers, members, employees, contractors, volunteers, and any other people officially connected with the event from and against any and all claims for personal injuries or damages of any kind arising from your participation.

Agreement to Terms:    Registration and payment for events is evidence of your agreement to the terms and conditions for attending courses at Studio How-To.  Registering for a specific workshop, class or other event with Studio How-To shows your agreement to abide by safety rules and other requirements as outlined in your specific workshop or event.