The Best Wallet I've Ever Owned

I have a new leather wallet and it is my favorite wallet ever.  One of the perks of living with a leather crafter is I can ask for exactly the wallet I think I want and then see if what he produces is actually what I thought I wanted.

Leather Wallet.JPG

Previously I had about 2 wallets as an adult.  One was a silly novelty wallet from J-Crew back in the day.  The other was a more structured, adult looking thing from Coach, back when Coach was more about leather and less about logos.  Oh, and there was a really cheap plasticy thing I bought on sale at Target and felt bad about afterward (I’m sure it was an irresponsible purchase).

So back to my new leather wallet.  It is the third in a series of tests.  I thought I wanted a leather wallet that was kind of a wrap-up clutch style that could hold a phone and have a cool leather cord wrapped around it in a rustic modern style.  He made it exactly as I envisioned and I loved it.  After using it for a few months, I realized the tri-fold and leather wrap cord that were so essential were not actually practical for how I used my wallet.  And, having the phone in my wallet was inconvenient for me after all.  It felt like it took hours to open my wallet to pay for things, and it was equally hard to access my phone.  Or I was dropping my phone/wallet together.  Not good.

Sleek Wallet.JPG

The latest incarnation is a much sleeker model.  I saw a knitting tool pouch made of wool that inspired the look.  He added an extra pocket inside, added slots sized for credit cards, and played with the degree of overlap and placement of snaps to come up with my new perfect wallet.  We even discussed how many cards the wallet needed to hold.  The extra pocket was to hold cash in one pocket and business cards and receipts in the other pocket.  Tailored exactly to how I was currently using my wallet. The first trial of this new version was just not quite right for size and leather weight, and it lacked the extra pocket.

The point of all of this gushing about a wallet is two-fold.  One, if I want to keep getting sweet new leather accessories made to order, I need to show my appreciation!  Two, and even more important, is to demonstrate the perks of learning the how-to skills and not just trying to follow a pattern or make a dumbed down DIY copy of something.  Once you learn the varied skills of your chosen craft, you can use that to push the envelope, try new methods, designs, etc., and really make things you own.  

And that’s the goal of our classes.  To really help you learn the skills of the craft to take home and try with new things, and make the projects your own. (And, if you're wondering, I convinced him to teach a class on this wallet at the Studio!!)