Changing Directions: Closing the Brick & Mortar Shop

Coventry Yarn Shop

If you haven’t been by the shop recently, or missed our latest newsletter, this will be news to you.  I have decided to close the brick and mortar shop as it currently exists on Coventry for various reasons mostly related to taking care of my family, health, and a need to change the way we do business. Our last day open on Coventry is August 23.  

I’ll be transitioning much of our existing inventory to our online store (coming soon). And I’m working with some local shop friends to bring some pop-up shopping experiences to you throughout the year. Stay tuned for a holiday pop-up at Gleena Ceramics on Taylor Road in Cleveland Heights and some events in Lakewood, too.

You’ll still find me teaching workshops around town. I’ll still post events, classes, and more on Instagram, facebook, the website, and newsletter, so whichever method you like to use to stay posted, it’ll still be there for you. And of course, reach out if you want to collaborate or know someone who you would love to see us work with.

I plan to keep coming up with fun ways for you to learn and connect with your creative side.  Keep your eye out for some surveys to help me tailor our future offerings to you.

We have classes going through August 10, so I hope you’ll sign up for one or more of them and fit in some sewing fun and learning to round out the summer.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with you at the shop. Teaching, helping you find your creative outlet, finding the right tools, and more has been 100% fulfilling for me.

I’m excited about what the future holds for Studio How-To and you! Thanks for joining me on this creative journey and thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm through this creative experiment. 

Follow along with everything we’re doing at Studio How-To on Instagram, facebook, on the website, and through our newsletter. 

Studio How-To