Meet the Maker: You

Today I want to say thank you to all the makers who have been to one of our workshops in Cleveland Heights. As cliche as it may sound, each person who comes through the studio door brings so many fun ideas and inspiration into my life. Seeing the satisfaction (and relief) on people’s faces when they successfully create something makes this business so fulfilling.


I would love for each of you to share pictures and words on Instagram or facebook about your creations at the studio and the projects you have made at home after your workshop. And please use the hashtag #studiohowtomaker so we can all follow along.

This is a very visual place and getting to see and discuss projects helps each of us build confidence and get inspired for our own new ideas or twists on a theme. It’s great how we can bring such a modern twist to so many traditional, old handcraft practices.

Sewing pockets into the lining of a first tote bag!

Sewing pockets into the lining of a first tote bag!

And, to everyone who has not yet been to the studio, let me assure you that you are a maker and you are creative. Even if you don’t think so yet. No two people see the same thing the same way. And there is the beginning of creativity. You don’t even realize it until you try something and share it visually with someone. So please, share with us all. Or share your hopes, questions, plans, goals. Most likely you are not alone in those ideas.

I hope to see lots of fun new photos and quotes and more from each of you! And, can’t wait to see you in one of our workshops, soon.