Why You NEED to Make Things and Why It's Better With Friends

Thank you for joining me here on the blog and live at the studio. It's been great meeting so many wonderful creative makers.  

Making things, fixing things, and doing things by hand have become foreign concepts to so many people.  There is so much time spent in front of a screen today with work, phones, entertainment. Studio How-To is here to give you a chance to slow down, disconnect from the screen and reconnect with your basic human need to make things.  To let you realize that you CAN make things. We want you to experience the feeling you get when you realize you can make something that actually looks good and that you can wear, display and share with people.  It's highly empowering and tangible.  Literally, and figuratively - you produce an actual touchable "thing".  That joy spreads to all facets of your life.  It brings people together in real life. And IT’S FUN!!

So, our mission is to bring handcrafted art and creativity into the lives of more people, and help creatives find new inspiration to make things and find new ways to connect with each other and their tribe.  What does that mean? We design classes, collaborate with local makers and artists, teach classes/workshops, hold lectures, get together with like minded people, provide a space and tools for making, and create. The goal is for anyone interested in making something to feel comfortable walking into Studio How-To, chatting, taking a class, working on an independent project, chatting some more, and walking out feeling satisfied with her or his creation.

Making and creating could be as simple as getting a group of friends together to paint, or make a beginner craft for a special night out, or as complex as taking a multi-week course to learn a more in-depth skill, like making a leather bag or sewing your own clothes. Or perhaps you want to make all the things and need help focusing and managing your projects.

As a maker with creative ADD, I can attest to the constant inspiration and desire to make, tempered with the overload of figuring out which projects first, and then how and when to start.  How do you start?  What if you don’t have all the tools? Wait, those tools are really expensive, and maybe you only want to make this thing once.  Where can you find all the required materials? What if you want a different color, or totally different materials? What about that one key step that they don’t show in the tutorial or video?  These are all things I feel every day, and reasons I like to make things with other people.

And when you make with friends you get to talk, eat, and drink together! (Yes, you can bring your own to most adult classes.)

So, here I am, at the studio, helping people learn a few skills to open their creative possibilities. Hoping to bring more makers together in support of each other's growth, learning and businesses (this could be you, new to crafting, soon to be expert, or you, long time knitter who craves more interaction with fellow fiber artists). 

Know that you aren’t alone in wanting to try something or in feeling afraid, nervous or overwhelmed.  Bring friends (strength in numbers), try it for fun. Worst case scenario, it’s an interesting experiment for you and you leave with something handmade by you.  Best case, you become a crafty artsy nerd, get hooked on some kind of craft, and become world famous for your amazing handmade creations!

Tune in weekly for blog updates. And please drop in to say hi and check things out (maybe even bring a project with you) during Open Studio (Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings). As we grow, we'll add additional regular hours so we have more opportunities to meet.  And of course, let us know what kinds of making you want to do at the studio - we want to offer the classes you want and the tools you need.