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Here at Studio How-To we love making things and we love using quality tools and supplies. We stock our favorite hand craft supplies, including designer yarns, fabrics, tools. We also carry many of the special supplies we use in our class that may not be easy to find at your standard craft store. Stop by the shop and find something special for your own project or for someone you love. We also love helping you plan your projects, troubleshoot projects, or just decide which supplies you might need to get started or finish a project you have going.

Why handcrafts?  Because making things by hand helps you relax, focus, solve problems in new ways, exercises your fine motor skills, connects you with something tangible, and can give you a keen sense of accomplishment.  And it's pretty cool to casually mention to friends and acquaintances that you actually made that fabulous accessory they are admiring.  

Many workshops are designed for beginners, but some are more advanced for makers who want to expand their skills.  We teach traditional techniques with a modern update, new techniques, and everything in between, in a simple to follow way that helps you feel at ease if it’s your first class, and allows plenty of chatting with your friends if you have a little experience.  Class size is kept small so that you can actually get the attention you need from instructors to learn and try things. Each workshop is carefully curated and planned to give you a relaxing retreat where you can slow down, connect with like-minded people, learn a few new skills, create something beautiful from start to finish (to take home and enjoy/show-off), and escape from your daily grind. 

When you participate in a workshop at our shop in Coventry Village, you learn the thrill of hand-crafting useful beautiful objects with your own hands. Crafting, making, creating - whatever you like to call it, brings a different level of mental relaxation and focus. Workshops change all the time, but include skills such as sewing, knitting, embroidery, and leather craft.

Please like Studio How-To on Facebook or Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming events, new products, sales, and workshops.  We love seeing your posts and things you’ve made with our fabrics and yarns, or from our workshops, so please feel free to comment and share with us!

Sarah Nemecek

Sarah Nemecek

I founded Studio How-To in 2017, after making things, creating, and teaching friends and family for over 30 years. My favorites are the fiber arts, but I love learning new techniques and crossing techniques across traditional disciplines.

My mission is to share the joy of making things with everyone who comes through the door. I am excited to meet you and help you find the perfect supplies for your project or to make something beautiful together at one of our workshops in Coventry Village.